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Banshee Norn Wild Card Custom

Base Model: RX-0[N] Gundam Unicorn 02 Banshee Norn
Melee Combat: S
Ranged Combat: C
Maneuverability: B
Defense: B, S vs. Beams
Space Compatibility: A
Air Compatibility: B
Water Compatibility: C

Aesthetic Changes: In addition to the weapon alterations, this Banshee variant is painted primarily in a light grey with black and gold detailing.


60 mm Vulcan Gun x2
Beam Tonfa x2
GN Buster Sword: After carefully re-packing the Beam Magnum that came with the model, Souji replaced it with the GN Buster Sword from a Gundam Throne Zwei model, suiting his preference for melee combat over ranged. It's designed for negating barriers and crushing the opponent with sheer mass, rather than the finesse of a beam saber. The Norn model's power, enhanced with a GN Drive, is sufficient for him to wield it effectively one-handed, although a two-handed motion pattern gives him more precise control.
Armed Armor DE: The large shield that comes with the Banshee Norn kit, equipped with an I-Field - GN- rather than Minovsky based, but with the same practical effect - that can block most beam weapons and a propulsion system that vastly increases the model's straight-line speed. Souji replaced the Mega Launcher on the shield with a grenade launcher to make up for some of the utility lost by removing the Beam Magnum - he almost always loads it with gimmick rounds such as Clay or EMP grenades.
GN Drive: The most time-consuming modification to the model was replacing the Minovsky Reactor with a True GN Drive and calibrating it to support both the GN Buster Sword's anti-barrier abilities, the Armed Armor DE's I-Field, and (with its Trans-Am System) NT-D mode; Souji considers it his humble masterpiece as a kitbasher. The GN Drive vastly increases the normal power output and allows the model to fly under gravity, albeit more clumsily than a typical GN Gundam. It also removes the need for the Armed Armor CX, decreasing the model's weight considerably.
NT-D System/Psycoframe: An integrated system whose primary use is to give the pilot's mind direct control over the model, without relying on instruments. It is also designed to counteract remote weapons, allowing the user to seize control of any in the immediate vicinity. To use it, the pilot must activate "Destroy Mode", which has a hard-wired time limit of three minutes - since it's running off of a GN power plant in this case, it follows the same rules as the Trans-Am System, and leaves the model extremely vulnerable for several minutes after the effect wears off. However, Souji has famously never activated it without defeating his opponent with it. Whether that's because he only activates it when he knows he can win immediately or because it's that overpowering is a matter of some debate.
Conveniently, Trans-Am and Destroy Mode both cause the model to glow red, so the power source isn't doing anything screwy with the palette.

Past tournament entries:
MS-06F Zaku II
AMX-011S Zaku III Custom
SD RX-93 Nu Gundam Double Fin Funnel Type (Finals)
RGZ-95C ReZEL Commander Type, Beam Sword Custom (Finals)
Gundam Throne Zwei Turbulenz (Champion)


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